Carnivorous Plant Database

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This taxonomic portion of this database was compiled by Jan Schlauer and includes over 3000 entries giving an exhaustive nomenclatural synopsis of all Carnivorous Plants. If you'd like to join the list of database contributors please take a look at the image submission guidelines.

Entries which are currently recognized and accepted here are shown in the database in boldface . For some entries, pictures or other information is available, by clicking on highlighted descriptions in the entry.

Enter a search pattern in the box below. All entries in the database that contain that pattern will be printed. Take care that you don't type a trivial string or your response may be quite large! If you have never used this system before, you might like to take a look at a definition of the database entry format. If your browser doesn't have FORMS capability, then try this Text-based interface.

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Photos, artwork, monographs, conservation studies, or any other CP information are all welcome for inclusion in the database. Contact Rick Walker if you would like to use this database for distributing your data to the CP community!

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