Leptospermum firmum, ericaceae 1.5 m height. Cephalotus grows at its feet.
Nice clump of Cephalotus follicularis. Pitchers are about 5cm tall. You can evaluate the size of the plant !
Leptospermum swamp, site where Cephalotus follicularis grows.

Cephalotus follicularis grows at the feet of Leptospermum firmum, an ericaceae 1.50m hight. When you walk in a Leptospermum swamp looking after Cephalotus, you find it with the "Pop" you hear when your feet crash pitchers ! Cephalotus grows in the shade, in places where the soil is never completly dry.

Photo Info
Name: [Cephalotus follicularis]
Credit: Serge Lavayssiere, Scan Roger Savelli
Date: August 1994