Last leaf before dormancy.
Last leaf before dormancy.

Drosera arcturi was found growing in an unusual lowland environment near Lake Pedder, Tasmania.

As can be seen from the photos, the substrate consisted almost exclusively of quartzite till. Where this was finer (coarse sand), Utricularia dichotoma was found growing interspread with D. arcturi. Water from a slow flowind creek continually flows over the plant roots, which are exposed, and barely anchored to the substrate.

Note that these plants bear little resemblance to D. arcturi in active growth. Photos show two views of last leaf before dormancy. Note winter resting buds and persisting old leaves. Another horn-shaped resting bud can be seen to the right of the plant.

Photo Info
Name: Drosera arcturi
Credit: Miguel de Salas, (
Date: May 2000