plant in habitat
gladular leaf
closeup of plant in habitat with flower
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Name: [Drosophyllum lusitanicum]
Credit: Drs. A.Voswinkel, (

Genus description: Description: Leaves with glandular hairs, as in Drosera. Flowers 5-merous, in a corymbose cyme. Petals yellow. Stamens 10 styles 5.

Species description: Stem slender, ascending, sometimes brached. Leaves 10-20 x 2-3 cm, numerous, alternate, crowded, narrowly linear, tapering from the sheating base to the filiform apex, covered throughout with red-tipped, glandular, digestive hairs. Scape 15-30 mm, erect, bearing a corymb of 5-10 flowers. Petals 18-25 mm, broadly obovate, bright yellow.

Habitat: Dry places; calcifuge

Distribution: S.Spain and Portugal. Hs Lu.

Found: S. Spain: S de Ronda: Right-side of road from Ubrique to Alcala de los Gazules: 12.8 km from cross-road to Cortes de la Frontera.

Date: 5-93; 7-5-94

Fl.Europea: 1-350

Notes: Often together with Erica Umbellata, which is also calcifuge.

Image used by permission from the "Flora of Europe page":