frontal closeup of flower, Mt Huachamakari
view of pitchers, Mt Huachamakari
closeup of nectar hood, Mt Huachamakari
overview of habitat with blossoms, Mt Huachamakari
view of plant with blossoms, Mt Huachamakari
plant with flower, Mt. Marahuaka.
plant with flower, Mt. Marahuaka.
overview of habitat, Mt Huachamakari

Heliamphora tatei.

Copyright by Ms. Chiaki Shibata. The photographs may be downloaded for private use. The photographs may not be used commercially or for publications without permission by Ms. Chiaki Shibata.(Insectivorous Plant Society, Department of Biology, Nippon Dental University) Contact Isao Takai {} for details.

Photo Info
Name: [Heliamphora tatei]
Credit: Ms. Shibata
Date: January 4-5, 1995