cliff face
closeup of plants
single plant
cluster of plants
cluster of plants on wet rock face (taken May 27, 1995)
closeup of plant and flower (taken May 27, 1995)
Hayade habitat of lowland form: overview

This is the habitat of the lowland form of Pinguicula macroceras. This is the Sugi river in the Hayade valley area in Muramatsu-mach Niigata-Pref., Japan. 0050.gif shows the pings location to the right of the small building, and on the cliff face just above the building. 0051.gif shows Isao Takai, the photographer, and his wife. isao65.jpg shows a closeup of the cliff face by 135mm telephoto lens. isao70.jpg was taken after the flower season was over.

Photo Info
Name: [Pinguicula macroceras]
Credit: Isao Takai , (
Date: June 12, 1994