summer rosette in cultivation

Pinguicula debbertiana is very close to Pinguicula ehlersiae, perhaps it is the same species (but the plant is still considered as a different species). Summer rosette is up to 3cm in diametre and the laeves are carnivorous, while the winter rosette consists of more thinner leaves with only non-carnivorous hairs on the upper leave side. Flowering period is in winter (flower appears out of the winter rosette). I have grown the species in acid and in calcerous soils, but I have not observed any differences in the phenotype of the plants. In summer I keep the soil quite wet while in winter soil should be kept dry to moist. I have observed that if the soil was dry for weeks, this resulted in flower deformations, so often no spur was formed or number of corolla leaves were reduced (perhaps it was due to a lack of nutrients (?). P. debbertiana belongs to the tropical heterophyllous growth type.

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Photo Info
Name: [Pinguicula debbertiana]
Credit: Oliver Gluch, (
Date: July 1996