70144: Three views of flower (cultivation specimen), July 28, 1970
69143: Habitat
7242: Habitus (cultivation specimens), July 9, 1972
7929: Habitus (cultivation specimens), May 26, 1979

Origin of depicted specimens: France, Dépt. Hautes-Pyrénées, below Cirque du Gavarnie, 1600 m, limestone, in association with Pinguicula alpina and at some places with Pinguicula grandiflora (with which it hybridizes).

This region is part of a national park where collecting flowers without permission is forbidden.

Photo Info
Name: [Pinguicula longifolia subsp. longifolia]
Credit: Juerg Steiger, (steiger@iae.unibe.ch)
Date: July 28,1970