70153: Three views of flower (cultivation specimens) July 27, 1970
70111: Habitus (cultivation specimen) July 5, 1970
7225: Habitus (cultivation specimen) June 25, 1972
7935: Habitus (cultivation specimen) March 26, 1979
8037: 2 flowers (cultivation specimen) June 1, 1980
890131: Habitus (cultivation specimen) June 26, 1989
8210: Habitat
70210: Habitat
8205: Two flowers (color variation, cultivation specimens) June 14, 1982

Endemic species of the Corsica island. Origin of 70111, 70153, 7225, 7935, 8037, 890131: France, central Corsica, Mt. Rotondo, above Lac de Melo, 1700m, granite. Image 70210 shows this area. At this site the majority of P. corsicaflowers are almost white. Plants collected by Mrs. M. Conrad on August 24, 1969. (Pictures taken later in cultivation.

The white flower in 8205 was also collected from the same location as 70153. The lilac flower was collected from France, central Corsica, Mt. Rotondo, Lac d'Oriente, 2060m, granite. Plants collected by Mrs. M. Conrad on Sept. 4, 1979. The flower color of Pinguicula corsica is known to be extremely variable from site to site.

8210 shows a typical habitat in France, central Corsica, Lac de Nino between and below Mt. Tozzo and Mt. Cimatella, 1750 m, granite. At this site most P. corsicaflowers are lilac-pinkish.

The plants I still grow today (1996) are all offsprings of the few specimens received by Mrs. Conrad in 1969 and 1979, respectively.

Photo Info
Name: [Pinguicula corsica]
Credit: Juerg Steiger, (steiger@iae.unibe.ch)