impression of cp bog along roadside ditch.

This picture was taken in W Alabama along a roadside ditch. Here S. leucophylla grows with S. psittacina (abundant), S. alata (less common), Drosera filiformis tracyi (common), Utricularia cornuta (local), and other interesting plants. The picture shows a portion of the habitat between road and private property (note the post, all taller vegetation is growing on private land). The habitat (continuing on the private land) is vulnerable and conservation dependent but nevertheless, reckless poachers have dug up a good portion of (probably) S. alata from easily accessible spots at the roadside. No mature plants remained there, while the presence of S. alata on the private land nearby indicates what they were.

Photo Info
Name: [Sarracenia leucophylla]
Credit: Jan Schlauer
Date: May, 22, 2001