plant and flower
side view of flower
frontal view of flower
oblique view of flower
front and side view of flower
extreme frontal close up of flower

P.macrophyllaP.macrophylla only flowers from the summer rosette, the flowers are dark purple and distinctive in having rounded edges to the petals. A small annual rosette forming Utricularia from W. Australia. A very pretty plant though not the easiest of the Utricularia to grown. Best raised from seed and grown as an affixed aquatic. Sow on 50:50 moss peat and silver sand in late winter - plants should flower by the summer. This species ( and other related W. Australian Utrics) do not like high temperatures (>25deg C) in cultivation.

Photo Info
Name: [Utricularia inaequalis]
Credit: Loyd Wix
Date: October 1997