Parasitic Plants Mailing List

The Parasitic Plants Mailing List is for discussion of holoparasitic plants (PP's). Topics of interest to the group include:

  1. Cultivation and Propagation of PP's
  2. Field observations of PP's
  3. Sources of PP material
  4. PP trading between members

How to subscribe

The PP mailing list is administered by an automatic listserv program. To subscribe, you need to send the message:

SUBSCRIBE PP Richard M. Nixon

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(Of course, you should substitute your own first and last name in place of "Richard M. Nixon" in the example) The server will then send you an acknowledgment message and add you to the mailing list.

After you are subscribed, you will receive copies of all group discussions, and may contribute your own messages by sending them to the distribution address:

Notice that there are two different addresses: one for subscribing, and another for broadcasting. The listserv address can also be used for accessing the PP archives, getting general information about the system and for unsubscribing.

To unsubscribe, send the message:


to the address:

For general help on listserver commands and functions use the command: HELP.

If you have any problems, you can contact me directly, for help, at the address below.

Rick Walker
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