Jim K J 05/2010: Reported a crash because piglet's preferred X11 menu font was missing on his system. Because of this, piglet now obeys an ENV variable $PIG_X11MENU_FONT to change the requested font without recompiling. Piglet now searches a cascade of common font names to try to find a workable one when left on it's own.

Ron Swiernik 02/2007: suggested replacing getline() function with fgets() to allow compilation on Solaris.

Benny Lai 02/2007: suggested WIN:Z, making commas optional in coordinates, having IDE printout fully useable piglet commands that can be cut/pasted, pointed out that cut/paste wasn't working, suggested SET command, SHELL command.

Mark Mathews 01/2007: suggested adding UNDO/REDO function, SMA:R, and SHELL. Mark also suggested numerous changes to the command selection mechanism.

Mark Mathews 12/2006: suggested zooming in/out by middle button dragging right/left inspired by the PADS schematic editor. Provided a proper X11 lib path for ia-64 processors.

Bob Proulx 10/2006: suggested adding better GPL notice, autoconf configuration, use of git, and found bug in makemans script.

Tom Knotts 08/2006: lobbied for "STR :R",

Erkki Myllynen 08/2006: Suggested some typecasts and initializations to make piglet work with RH 7.3 gcc 2.96 x86.

Rick Walker (rick_walker AT omnisterra DOT com)