Incompatibilities with HP Piglet

Archive files from HP Piglet can generally be read "as-is" with the following caveats:
  • PD Piglet does not support stretchable cells. Remove all lines that contain XA or YA commands.
  • PD Piglet uses Graffy's "SHOW #E" instead of "SHOW #A". Think of "E" as "everything" instead of the old "A" for "All". PD Piglet uses "A" as the component descriptor for "arcs".
  • The ADD Note and ADD Text commands have different semantics for the :Y command. In HP Piglet, the command controls the height of the text while leaving the width constant. This is awkward for typesetting because it indirectly controls the fontsize. In PD Piglet, the X width is controlled while leaving the font height unchanged.
  • Incompatibilities with Graffy

    Piglet was designed to be close replica of "classic" HP Piglet. Graffy is heavily extended from Piglet's early codebase, so has many extra features including, but not limited to:

  • cross hatching
  • many more options to components
  • dimensioning constructs
  • ...

  • Rick Walker (rick_walker AT omnisterra DOT com)