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G: [Chrysamphora {Greene}]

P: Pittonia 2:191 (1891)
TG: [Chrysamphora californica {(Torr.) Greene}]=[Darlingtonia californica {Torr.}]
N: [Chrysamphora californica {(Torr.) Greene}]
P: Pittonia 2:191 (1891)
BN: [Darlingtonia californica {Torr.}]
S: =[Darlingtonia californica {Torr.}]

G: +[Darlingtonia {Torr.}]

TG: [Darlingtonia californica {Torr.}]
C: nom.cons.
N: +[Darlingtonia californica {Torr.}]
P: Smithson.Contrib.6, Art.4:5 (1853)
T: Upper Sacramento, few mi S Shasta Peak, N Ca., US, J.D.Brackenridge (NY387767)
L: US (Ca., Ore.)
RLC: LR (lc)
XN: 30 ut [Chrysamphora californica {(Torr.) Greene}] {Bell}
XNP: J.E.Mitch.Sci.Soc.65:140 (1949)
image: darlingt/0045: Botanical line drawing of Sarracenia and Darlingtonia
image: darlingt/0067: Plant in native habitat: overview
image: darlingt/0073: Plant in native habitat: blossoms
image: darlingt/darl: closeup of flower in cultivation
text: darlingt/0074.htm: Paper on reproductive biology + bibliography
text: darlingt/darlingt.htm: Excerpt from: The Wild Flowers of California
image: darlingt/dcal_CA: Plants in vertical serpentine wall
image: darlingt/DarlingtoniaXbouton: flower, fruit, germination, seeds, hood
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N: [Darlingtonia californica f. viridiflora {B.Rice}]
P: S.McPherson & Schnell, Sarr.N.Am.:739 (2011)
T: Nevada Co., Cal., US, 19. 8. 1997, B.Rice s.n. (DAV135140)
S: =[Darlingtonia californica {Torr.}]
N: [Darlingtonia californica var. rubra {(Burb.) Macf.}]
P: L.H.Bailey, Std.Cyclop.Hortic.2:965 (1914)
BN: [Darlingtonia rubra {Burb.}]
S: =[Darlingtonia californica {Torr.}]
N: [Darlingtonia courtii {(Hort.Veitch ex Wilson) Burb.}]
P: Fl. & Sylva 3:233 (1905)
BN: [Sarracenia courtii {Hort.Veitch ex Wilson}]
S: =[[Sarracenia purpurea {L.}] * [Sarracenia psittacina {Michx.}]]
C: spec.excl. ([Sarracenia {L.}])
N: [Darlingtonia rubra {Burb.}]
P: Fl. & Sylva 3:233 (1905)
T: ex cult., (?DBN)
S: =[Darlingtonia californica {Torr.}]
N: [Sarracenia adunca {Sm.}]
P: Exot.Bot.1:103 (1804)
T: Hartsville, Darlington Co., SC., US, Smith s.n. (NCU)
S: =[Sarracenia minor {Walt.}]
N: +[Sarracenia leucophylla {Raf.}]
P: Fl.Ludov.:14 (1817)
T: near Pensacola, Fla., US, C.C.Robin (?|)
NT: 3 mi N Cantonment, Escambia Co., Fla., US, 7. 5. 1965, S.McDaniel 6182 (FSU) {McDaniel}
NTP: Bull.Tall Timbers Res.Stat.9:22 (1971)
L: US (Ga., Fla., Ala., Miss.)
LFR: 30:Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain
RLC: VU (A1)
XN: 26 ut [Sarracenia drummondii {Croom}] {Bell}
XNP: J.E.Mitch.Sci.Soc.65:139 (1949)
image: sarracen/0045: Botanical line drawing of Sarracenia and Darlingtonia
image: sarracen/0070: Naturalized plant
image: sarracen/sleucf: view of flower and pitchers
image: sarracen/s_leuco3: multiple views, in habitat, Alabama and Florida
image: sarracen/sleu_AL1: plants in habitat, W Alabama
image: sarracen/sleu_AL2: massive stand in habitat
image: Check Bob Ziemer's Photo Finder
N: +[Sarracenia purpurea {L.}]
P: Sp.Pl.1.ed.:510 (1753)
T: US, (?LINN|)
NT: Clusius, Hist.Pl.Rar.:82 (1601) {Wherry}
NTP: Bartonia 15:5 (1933), Castanea 37:146 (1972)
NT: Catesby, Nat.Hist.Carol.2:t70 (1738) {McDaniel}
NTP: Bull.Tall Timbers Res.Stat.9:26 (1971)
NT: about 4 mi W around L.Beauchamp, E Abitibi Co., Amos, Quebec, CA, 7. 1. 1952, Baldwin & Breitung 2910 (K) {Cheek, Schnell, Reveal & Schlauer}
NTP: Taxon 46:781 (1997)
Canada incl. Great Lakes
RLC: LR (lc)
XN: 26 {Bell}
XNP: J.E.Mitch.Sci.Soc.65:139 (1949)
C: McDaniel's neotypification illegitimate, Cheek & al. chose non-original material because none of the original material was examined by Linnaeus without doubt
image: sarracen/0045: Botanical line drawing of Sarracenia and Darlingtonia
image: sarracen/isao94: sideview of flower
image: sarracen/s_purp1: in habitat, Ontaria Canada & New Jersey U.S.A.
image: Check Bob Ziemer's Photo Finder
N: $[Darlingtonia ' Othello ' {B.Rice}]
P: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.27:42 (1998)
PW: www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/Species/v27n2p40_42.html
S: =[Darlingtonia californica {Torr.}]
Introducer: B.Rice, from a seep in the Sierra Nevada, Ca., US, 1997
Nominant: B.Rice, Davis, 1998
Registrant: B.Rice
HC: Registered 10. 11. 1998 {JS}
Description: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.27:42 (1998)
"The cultivar [Darlingtonia ' Othello ' {B.Rice}] is characterized by one feature - a lack of red pigment in the leaves and especially the flowers."
Standard: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.27:40 (1998)
Propagation: by seed (or other, as long as resulting plants lack anthocyanin)
Etymology: after Shakespeare's general mocked by the "green ey'd monster" of jealousy
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VN: ["Cobra lily" {}]
S: see Darlingtonia
VN: ["Kobrapflanze" {}]
S: see Darlingtonia