Our Face From Fish to Man

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This animation is based on Helen Ziska's drawings in "Our Face From Fish to Man", by William K. Gregory, Copyright 1929 by G.P.Putnam's Sons and reprinted in 1965 by Capricorn Books, and research on the world-wide average human face by Harashima-Kaneko lab, Tokyo, Japan.

The images are:

The scans for this animation were done with the xvscan utility on an HP scanjet 4c. Retouching and Morphing were done under LINUX with the public-domain GIMP image manipulation tool and the xmorph program. The resulting images were shrunk in size and converted to 16-color greymaps using the pbmplus suite of image manipulation tools. Finally, the gifmerge tool was used to composite the images into a single 211 kbyte, 73-frame GIF animation.

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Rick Walker
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