Plant Traps and Decoys

by F. Martin Duncan FRMS - FRPS - and - L. T. Duncan

Reprinted 1930 in Great Britain by Turnbull & Spears, Edinburgh

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Foreword to the 1998 HTML Edition

This document contains NO cultural information.

Warning! Some of the information in this document is quite seriously out of date and is considered inaccurate today. It is being presented here for the enjoyment of those collectors of Carnivorous Plants (CP) and CP history buffs who just can't get their hands on enough information about these wonderful and fun plants. If you are just beginning to study CP and are unable to distinguish on your own which sections these are, then I strongly recommend that you invest your time in a document that is a bit more current first and return to this one at a later time. There are many good sights on the World Wide Web, and more current books available to you at the library, or in book stores. I recommend you start with the CP Archive page. managed by Chris Frazier in your search for this information. From there links extend to most everywhere of CP interest on the Web.

I have attempted here, as faithfully as is possible within the HTML format, to reproduce this fine old book returning it to the masses from obscurity.

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